We have recently checked these links to find that, unfortunately most of the original articles have been removed.  We apologize and are trying to decide if there is any way that we can recover them. 

  MSNBC: Oct 23 2006
Vermont Island Preserves Oldest Coral Reef

Fox News: Oct 23, 2006 
Vermont Moves to Preserve Half Billion Year old Fossil Reef,2933,224000,00.html?sPage=fnc/scitech/evolution

Smithsonian Magazine - January 2007
Paleozoic Vermont

Associated Press: Feb 25, 2009
Isle La Motte Reef Designated as National Landmark

Washington Post - Nov, 2010
Impulsive Traveler: In sleepy Isle La Motte, Vt., nature takes its time

 Fisk Quarry Preserve on Vimeo

Burlington Free Press - June 20, 2014
New Exhibit Highlights Isle La Motte Fossils

Lake Champlain Committee
The Chazy Reef by Mike Winslow,

Vermont Geological Survey


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