MSNBC: Oct 23 2006
Vermont Island Preserves Oldest Coral Reef

Fox News: Oct 23, 2006 
Vermont Moves to Preserve Half Billion Year old Fossil Reef,2933,224000,00.html?sPage=fnc/scitech/evolution

Smithsonian Magazine - January 2007
Paleozoic Vermont

Associated Press: Feb 25, 2009
Isle La Motte Reef Designated as National Landmark

Washington Post - Nov, 2010
Impulsive Traveler: In sleepy Isle La Motte, Vt., nature takes its time

 Fisk Quarry Preserve on Vimeo

Burlington Free Press - June 20, 2014
New Exhibit Highlights Isle La Motte Fossils

Lake Champlain Committee
The Chazy Reef by Mike Winslow,

Vermont Geological Survey


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