Ladusa Chang Ou Rehearses

Ladusa Chang Ou Rehearses


The Isle La Motte Preservation Trust presents


Nestled away in the southwest corner of Isle La Motte, Vermont, is a heritage site that was once the home of the prominant Fisk family who, on past occasions, hosted receptions for noted politicians such as President McKinley and Vice President Theodore Roosevelt.

Though the once beautiful stone house, built in 1803 was ravaged by fire in 1923 today the stone ruins are used in the summer as a Tea Room. The renovated Horse and Carriage Barn with its two grand pianos, hosts concerts and exhibits of art and crafts.  These cultural heritage events are sponsored by the Isle La Motte Preservation Trust (ILMPT)  dedicated to preserving the natural and cultural heritage of the area.

Each Sunday afternoon in July and August, musical performances and art exhibits are presented in the old horse and carriage barn with afternoon tea and delicious cakes and scones available.  It’s all free except for the refreshmets whose proceeds support the Isle La Motte Preservation Trust.  For more information call 802 928-3364 after June 1.

Tea Garden Sunday

Tea Garden Sunday

In Residence: Maurie Harrington, watercolor
Ginger Johnson, crafts & arts

Saturday, June 9 4:00-6:00
Art Opening:
Susan Larkin Oil & Pastel

Sunday, July 1 1:00-5:00
Music: Richard  Ruane & Beth Duquette
folk, jazz standards, traditional & original songs
Art: Laurel Howe, oils

 Sunday, July 8 1:00-5:00
Music: John and Marge Butterfield
folk, jazz, Caribbean, Country, popular
Art: Laurel Howe oils

Sunday, July 15  1:00-5:00
Tin Penny, Larry & Beth Walton
folk, blues, ragtime, and Americana
Art:Laurel L’howe

Sunday, July 22 1:00-5:00
Dick Staber, Judith Chasnoff, Daryl Smith
vocals, mandolin, guitar, & dobro
Art: Jonathan Hart, photography

July 29 1:00-5:00
 Green Mountain Horn Club
Art: Jonathan Hart, photography

August 5 1:00-5:00
 Hélène & Michael, violin & piano
popular melodies and improvisations

Art: Kris Andrews, Fabric Art
Tobi Andrews, Quilts

Sunday, Aug 12  1:00-5:00
: Barbara Sweet, soprano
Art: Kris Andrews, fabric Art
Tobi Andrews, quilts

Sunday, Aug 19:00-5:00
To Be announced
Art: Maurie Harrington, watercolors

Aug 26 1:00-5:00
Music: Full Circle
 vocals,recorders, harp, guitar, percussion
Art: Marie Harrington, watercolors

Full Circle Performs on a Sunday Afternoon

Full Circle Performs on a Sunday Afternoon


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