“Of Earth and Being:” An exhibit of Diane Gayer’s new book

An exhibit currently hosted by the Isle La Motte Preservation Trust in the Goodsell Ridge Preserve “Conservation Barn” features a book   entitled “Of Earth and Being” by Diane Elliot Gayer. Hanging on the wall are some of the press sheets or pages that came off the presses at Villanti printing in Milton during a final press sheet. The book is a limited edition of photographs and essays in book form.  “Of Earth and Being” an exploration of Earth and our relationship to the environment around us, is consonant with the mission of the Isle La Motte Preservation Trust.

Diane Elliott Gayer is an architect, urban/environmental designer, writer, artist, professor and activist. Among other settings, she has taught at the University of Vermont’s Environmental Program and the Rubenstein School of Natural Resources.  Her work has been an exploration of the common boundary of art, ecology and design. 

She has recently opened a gallery in North Hero (Green Tara) which she describes as a “community place for the arts, nature, and spirit …  offering exhibits, workshops,  nature walks and talks, and studio space.  Green Tara is the Tibetan Goddess of enlightened activity.” 


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